Saturday, May 2, 2009

Steve, you bastard!

This post should have been out here ages ago, but shit got in the way you see. Yeah, if you keep reading these words and just can't seem to make sense of them, I've got an explanation. I'm writing in English you see. The language uses the same letters but the words just have different meanings. It's weird, I know. I can't think of any funny translation differences right now, but some of those words are right on the button. Ah... Anyway, the reason that I'm writing in the language of globalization is that this post basically is a tribute to our friend Steve. So I figured it wouldn't be much point in this post if he couldn't understand it. Ergo, English.

The thing about Steve is that he's a damn nice guy, and that makes it so much more difficult for me to hate him for being a good surfer. We've been out surfing together now quite a few times, and things always plays out the same way. I'm getting pounded by one wave after the other, but every time I surface, lungs screaming for oxygen, I get a glimpse of freaking Steve catching a perfect ride. Steve, if you're reading this, I like you man, I really do, but you are killing me here. Give me a break for god's sake! At least pretend to suck once in a while.

Just to rub salt in my wounds, Bendik borrowed my camera and captured one of Steves better waves on film. And yeah, that's me in the forground, cursing Steve as best I can with my lungs filled with salt water.

So... This did't turn out to be the tribute I first imagined. What to say... Wish me luck before i kill my self.


  1. Just relax mister, when I get down there you'll look like jedimaster compared to me ;-)

  2. Doesn't jedimasters practice light sabers? I've only got a surfboard and some Sticky Johnson to work with. I would really like one of those light sabers though... Could you bring me a purple one please?