Monday, May 11, 2009

48hours (and 2minutes)

Oh brother, have we had a hectic weekend! Where to begin, where to begin? Just from the start i guess. So, we've been doing some mean filmmaking the last couple of days. Along with my Norwegian mates and a couple of talented and witty kiwi guys in our class, we entered the annual 48hours filmmaking competition here in New Zealand. As any dimwitted twit can guess, this competition is all about making a film whithin the 48 hour time limit. You're given the assignment at 7pm on friday, and then you've got to write, shoot, cut and deliver the film before 7pm on sunday afternoon. Too bad we handed ours in at 7:02pm...

Yeah, you heard me. Incompetent assholes as we are, we actually failed to deliver our film in time. 48 hours of devestatingly hard work, and we manage to miss the deadline by two stinking minutes. It is enough to make Batman drop his silly voice and burst into tears while peing his tight latex pants. I can think of a kazillion things that could have saved us those precious two seconds. Had I only not taken that midnight crap (or as Cam would have put it, "done that midnight brown snake session"), Peter Jackson could now be laying in a couch somewhere, with potatochips in his long greasy hair, praising our brilliant film. But you can't think like that. We've made a darn good film in just over 48 hours and had heaps of fun in the process. And, forgive my cockyness, if there was such a thing as the 49hours filmmaking competiotion, we would have won it with supreme ease.

I can say with dead certainty that this has been one of my most wicked experiences so far on this remote pacific island. There is just something magical about the complete lack of sleep combined with hysterically stressful situations at five o' clock in the morning. We have yappered and laughed at shit and nothing at all, we have slept at all times and in every imaginable place in the house, we have given compliments and recieved snappy remarks, we have burped and farted, hugged and squeeced, rubbed and kissed. In short, we've had the time of our lives. When you see it like this, the fact that the film didn't get delivered on time feels like a piss in the Amazon.

Since the film didn't make the competition we're making our own little publishing stunt by posting it on every site imaginable. Belowe you'll find a link to my youtube page where the film is submitted in full HD quality. So if you want the full iMax experience, remember to push that little button by the timeline saying "HD" and go into full screen.

Hope you like the outcome, and remember to spread the word if you do. Also, if you're still hungry for more information on the 48hours I can recommend visiting the blogs of both Bendik and Maria. They'll probably deliver the interesting details whithout all the complaning. Fuck the system!

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  1. Kan ikke se du har lagt til internettsitatet på siden din, så derfor legger jeg det ut hit:

    Jesper til Rudi når de snakker via Skype: Rudi, har du internett hos dæ no?
    Rudi: Ja, ellers hadde jeg ikke kunnet snakke med deg....