Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Chariot died today

That's actually not true. It died yesterday, we just held the funeral today. And oh, you guys should have been there! The ceremony was beautiful. This Indian guy came driving noisily up with his tower van, holding a half-smoked cigarette in one hand and hopefully the steering wheel with the other. After going up the wrong driveway and calling the woman standing there a "fucking bitch", he joyfully starts attaching chains to various parts of our beloved vehicle. A couple of smokes later and the Chariot is clumsily strapped to the back of his truck.

Goodbye my lover. Goodbye by friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me... May we all pray for reincarnation (and the death of James Blunt).


  1. Goodbye Pork Pie, we'll shead a tear for you our dear!

  2. Deeeee va trist ja, dein fine bila, dessuten ligna den litt på gammel mazdan, snufs.
    Ka no, bli det sykkel på hele gjengen eller?

    Godklem fra mor Turid.

  3. Kanskje den bli reinkarnert som mazdan?