Monday, June 8, 2009

One to watch

As it turns out, I'm not the only one making art house films in this household. Check out the epic visual music pieces of my two flat mates, Bendik and Maria, for a truly epic experience. Back home we might be just some other regular students, but down here we're extraordinary.

Remember to toggle the HD button for maximum pleasure, and leave a freaking comment! You know, we artists like to get our work acknowledged by the audience, or our friends if we have some.

Just Colour

I did it! The editing job from hell is finally over, and it's looking pretty darn good if I can say so myself. It might be a bit on the experimental side fore some of you guys, but I hope everyone can appreciate the countless hours of pure hysteria I've been through to get this shit done. After the abnormal amount of incomprehensible computer errors it's a fucking miracle that our living room furniture is still intact. Well, here it is!

I might just add that I've had approximately 5 hours of sleep in the last 86 hours of my life. The remaining 81 I've spent pushing a minuscule flower millimeter by millimeter across impossible surfaces.

Jesper: "Did it move?"
Bendik: "No."
Jesper: "How about now?"
Bendik: "No."
Jesper: "Now?"
Bendik: "Wow, too far!"
Jesper: "What? I barely touched it!"
Bendik: "Just bend it back a little."
Jesper: "Fuck! Like this...? Woops, I touched the bookshelf!"
Bendik: "Let's just start over, shall we?"

In some miraculous way, this chaos turned out to become a rather good stop motion animation film. We still have some small adjustments to do before it's ready for the world wide web, but I'll smack up a post as soon as the deliciousness is viewable. Yup, now there's just those two analysis due by tomorrow, and Bob's your uncle!