Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Colour

I did it! The editing job from hell is finally over, and it's looking pretty darn good if I can say so myself. It might be a bit on the experimental side fore some of you guys, but I hope everyone can appreciate the countless hours of pure hysteria I've been through to get this shit done. After the abnormal amount of incomprehensible computer errors it's a fucking miracle that our living room furniture is still intact. Well, here it is!

I might just add that I've had approximately 5 hours of sleep in the last 86 hours of my life. The remaining 81 I've spent pushing a minuscule flower millimeter by millimeter across impossible surfaces.

Jesper: "Did it move?"
Bendik: "No."
Jesper: "How about now?"
Bendik: "No."
Jesper: "Now?"
Bendik: "Wow, too far!"
Jesper: "What? I barely touched it!"
Bendik: "Just bend it back a little."
Jesper: "Fuck! Like this...? Woops, I touched the bookshelf!"
Bendik: "Let's just start over, shall we?"

In some miraculous way, this chaos turned out to become a rather good stop motion animation film. We still have some small adjustments to do before it's ready for the world wide web, but I'll smack up a post as soon as the deliciousness is viewable. Yup, now there's just those two analysis due by tomorrow, and Bob's your uncle!

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  1. Karoline og æ har kikka på filman, vi e bare imponert. Sensuelt, emosjonelt og visuelt og sikkert my anna som slutte på elt. Så stolt av dokker. Nyt etterlengta søvn og stå på de siste dagan. Megaklem.