Sunday, August 16, 2009

Only in America

During an uneventful game of cards the other day, my cousin casually mentioned that in Alaska you are forbidden by law to throw a moose out of a flying airplane. I found this mildly interesting and decided too look it up on the world wide web. As it turned out, not only are you forbidden to throw that stray moose out of your airplane, you also risk imprisonment if you try serving it alcohol of any kind. And that was just two out of a million hilarious laws from every state in the USA. Here are some more:

In Chicago it's forbidden to fish from the back of a giraffe. In Arkansas you are allowed to beat up your wife, but only once a month. If you are planning to colour your ducklings black and sell them in Kentucky, be aware that they have to be sold in sixpacks. In West Virginia it's illegal to whistle under water. If you plan to commit an act of crime in Texas, you have to notice your victims 24 hours ahead, verbally or in writing, and tell them whats coming. You are also forbidden to own or use more than six dildos.

There is heaps more where this came from and I will keep posting them, but now I have a party to attend. I must be hasty. Shadowfax!

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