Sunday, August 16, 2009

Candy revolution!

There has been a candy revolution! The best of the best has just gotten even better. 80 kilograms better to be precise. Jesus, I am robbed for words... This stuff will make my summer! Or what's left of it anyway.

Just look at this sweetness, or should I say sourness? I return from the other side of the world, not knowing that on a gas station, not 200 meters from the airport, lies a secret that will knock me off my feet. Why haven't anyone told me about this? Has it been in the shelves for long? It might have been released just days after I left Norway in the first place. Oh, those who knew...

For those who do not know or have not tasted, I truly feel sorry for you. This is the best of the best. The sourest of the sourest. The mother of all candy. And it has just been upgraded to maximize the tooth ace experience in a mouth near you!

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