Friday, February 5, 2010

Fun with computers

Allright! So I have this file I want to import into Final Cut. It's 3am and my bus to the airport leaves at 5am. I just want to do this, have a quick nap and be on my way. Yeah right! First, you try the obvious. Just drag the file into Final Cut or another supposedly functional editing software.

Ok. So this is not their kind of dish. Might there be something weird with the file? Let's try it in Quicktime first, or maybe VLC. Shurly they play everything.

No? Not everything then. Ok. Lucky for me Sony has developed their own file browsing systems, for the sole purpose of reading XDCAM files. I have both of them on my iMac, so no problem.

What the f...?! No helpe there either. Fascinating! I surly thought that would do the trick. Maybe the file really is broken? Well, then I know just the thing! A file recovery software. Just chuck the stupid thing in there and it comes out shining at the other side.

Oh, look! It's nearly 4pm. I better start packing if I am to reach my plane. Ah well, at least I'm not angry.


  1. This is very funny, in an ironic sort of way. Great screen shots too! I hope you don't experience something this frustrating again. However, if you do, please consider making another little post like this one!